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My First Farm Tour

My First Farm Tour

WHO is the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association?

The Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association represents a variety of local crops and is the state’s leading full-service specialty crop organization.

Learn more about the FFVA Mission, who they serve and more HERE.

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WHAT was the FFVA Farm Tour?

The Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association 2023 Farm Tour took place April 3-5th this year. This agricultural farm tour helps spread awareness about all of the wonderful things Florida’s Agriculture has to offer.

This hosted adventure was truly a one of a kind, un-beleaf-able experience. I had the pleasure of touring several farms including L&M Farms, Smith’s Farms, Tater Farms, Blue Sky Farms, and the UF/IFAS Hastings Agricultural Extension Center. Each tour lettuce experience a unique twist on the culture behind Florida’s produce market. It was so fun to peel back the outer layer of the onion, if you will, and get an inside look into what makes Florida’s agriculture successful.

I wanted to give a special thank you to all the farms and wonderful people who hosted the FFVA Tour this year. It really was spud-tacular!

(I know the puns were corny but I could not resist!)

WHEN is the best time to buy local fruits and vegetables?

I love referencing back to this awesome Florida Produce Calendar provided by Fresh from Florida. Shop the freshest fruits and vegetables in season with the calendar below.

WHERE can I buy produce from Fresh from Florida?

Fresh from Florida produce is available at local grocery stores state wide. This makes it even easier to support Florida farmers and growers. Look for the specific, Fresh from Florida logo on the produce wrapping. I personally found produce featuring the Fresh from Florida logo at nearby grocery stores such as Publix, Walmart ,Trader Joes and more!

WHY is it important to support local growers and farmers?

Florida farmers and growers bring fresh produce to Florida grocery stores on a daily basis. It begins with planting, then picking, followed by packaging, and transporting to a local supplier near you. It truly is a labor of love that is so essential to Florida’s agricultural industry.

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