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Taco Tuesday Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Taco Tuesday Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Every Tuesday is “Taco Tuesday” in our home where we celebrate our love for crunchy tortilla chips, warm queso and delicious tacos. Since this has become a fun weekly tradition, I decided to create a fun activity to go along with the taco celebration! Behold…the “Taco Tuesday” Scavenger Hunt!


Start by printing out and then cutting out your “Taco Toppings.” Pick as many toppings or as little toppings as you like, however keep in mind each topping serves as a item to find in your scavenger hunt.

To Print: Drag image to your desktop>>Double-Click>>File>>Print

Taco Meat of Choice



Shredded Cheese


Hide each “Taco Topping” in a seperate location. This can be done around the house or even outside on a nice day!


Present each participant with a “Tortilla.” This can be made by simply cutting out a plate sized circle using construction paper. Fold the contruction paper “tortilla” in half.


Begin the hunt! Search high and low for each “Taco Topping” until the taco if complete!

KIDS TACO HOLDERSAccompany any Taco Tuesday with one of these fun Taco Holders!

**GO THE EXTRA MILE: Have a tasty side of chips and cheese dip waiting at the last “Taco Topping” stop! OLE!


Taco Plates

Modern Taco Holders

Chips & Dip Bowl

Tortilla Warmer

Taco Tuesday Apron

DIY Tortilla Bowl for Taco Salads

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