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The Ultimate Coco Beach Club Travel Guide- Royal Caribbean Cruise What To Know

The Ultimate Coco Beach Club Travel Guide- Royal Caribbean Cruise What To Know


Who should book a pass to the Coco Beach Club?

Royal Caribbean offer guests a unique experience called, “Perfect Day at Coco Cay.” Coco Cay is located in the sunny Bahamas. Located inside Coco Cay is a private beach club retreat called Coco Beach Club. If you are looking to visit Coco Cay and elevate your vacation experience, then this is the club for you! Royal Caribbean limits the amount of guests allowed to reserve passes for the club so this is a fantastic way to get away from the crowds and really take in the relaxation of the Coco Cay island.

The Coco Beach Club access allows guests to use complimentary pool deck day beds, beach chairs and umbrellas, in-pool lounge chairs as well as floating rafts for ocean adventures. I was able to swim out to the sand bar and found a conch shell too!

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What is included in the Coco Beach Club by Royal Caribbean?

The Coco Club offers a 2,600 beachfront infinity pool with in-pool lounge chairs and day beds around the pool deck. The in-pool lounge chairs and day beds are available on a first come, first serve basis. We loved the in-pool lounge chairs and I even took a record breaking NAP!

The club also offers complimentary cushioned beach side chairs and umbrellas nestled in the warm sand overlooking the crystal blue waters along with a private bar within the club.

Tip: If you purchased a drink package on the ship, this drink package is also valid at this bar as well as every bar on Coco Cay.

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When are guests able to book and reserve a pass to the Coco Beach Club?

Guests are able to book and reserve their pass to the Coco Beach Club prior to their scheduled cruise through the Royal Caribbean app as well as while on board the ship. Keep in mind spots do fill up so take that into consideration while mapping out your booking reservation timeline.

Click this link to book and reserve your pass to the Coco Beach Club.


Where is the Coco Beach Club located?

The Coco Beach Club is located in the sunny Coco Cay. Guests can walk to the Coco Beach Club or take a convenient island tram to the entrance of the club. Once at the entrance, simply follow the winding sidewalk lined with lush tropical plants to the front check-in desk.

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Why is the Coco Beach Club a must-try experience?

If seclusion within an island luxury setting was not enough of a reason to visit the Coco Beach Club for you, then consider the delicious food that is served exclusively at the Coco Beach Club Restaurant. That’s right, this slice of paradise offers select delicious dining options that you cannot find anywhere else on the island or the cruise!

Luckily, my best friend Jen and I took it upon ourselves to indulge in every single dish (minus dessert because we were SUPER full) so we could share it with you. Below is a complete list of dining options we tried along with our favorites!

Coco Beach Club Restaurant

Tip: Make sure to make your lunch dining reservation time upon arriving to the Coco Beach Restaurant.


Our personal favorite two appetizers included the marinated seafood ceviche and the baba ganoush spread. The chilled shrimp was our third runner up followed up the hummus and tzatziki dip.

Our three favorite entrees included the grilled Bahamian lobster, the Coco lobster sandwich and the garlic tiger prawn shrimp.

Tip: Keep in mind the Coco Beach Restaurant does not allow guests to bring food to their chairs nor do they allow any leftovers to be boxed up or togo orders.