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Octonauts Above & Beyond- Kids Gift Ideas

Octonauts Above & Beyond- Kids Gift Ideas

Sound the Octo-Alert! #AD Little ones can now recreate their favorite episodes from the newest season of the hit Netflix series right in their very own home. The Octonauts have officially expanded their exploration beyond the sea and onto land with all new toys including highly detailed collectible figures, interactive play sets and soft plushies!

The Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the world’s oceans to rescue aquatic & land creatures and save their habitats. Explore the all new Octonauts toy collection below featuring the show’s favorite characters including Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Paani, Dashi, Tweak, Shellington, Professor Inkling, Minh, Ranger Marsh, Octopod, Vegimal, Octoray and more!

Head over to your neighborhood Walmart to shop the latest Octonauts toys or simply click the links in the blog post below to shop today. Octonauts, to the launch bay! @octonautsofficial @octonauts


Adventure Above & Beyond with the ALL-NEW Octoray Transforming HQ Playset! Roll into action on the Octoray’s fast moving wheels, then easily transform it into a huge 13″ tall Octonauts Mobile Headquarters! Watch as the HQ lights up and hear over 25 sounds and Octonauts phrases! Includes a 3″ Captain Barnacles Figure, and 3 Creatures (Giant Panda, Chinese Sturgeon, Chinese Giant Salamander), plus detachable Mini-Ray & Mission Card!


Build up the world of the Octonauts at home with the iconic Octocrew HQ – the Octopod Playset! The Octopod is the perfect home for your Octocrew, Gups & Terra-Gups! EXPLORE, RESCUE, PROTECT with the Net Launcher, Claw, and Spyglass! Includes a Deep-Sea Captain Barnacles Figure and 3 Sea Creatures (Vampire Squid, Starfish, Slime Eel) to rescue, plus a Mission Card!


Race to the rescue with the iconic Gup vehicles! These awesome Figure & Vehicle Packs include a detailed 3″ figure and Mission Card, which reveals the Mission your Octonauts need to complete!


Recreate your favorite Octonauts Above & Beyond scenes and adventures with the Octonauts Adventure Packs! Every pack is based around a popular Octonauts episode and includes a Deluxe Octonauts Figure, Mini Environment, Creature and Mission Card so you can build out your quest!


Bring all the fun and adventure of the Octonauts home with the Octonauts Crew Plush Figures! At 8″ tall, they are the perfect size to cuddle and take anywhere! Made with deluxe fabrics and embroidered details, this super-soft plush doubles as a story time buddy! Collect all 4 plush friends – Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, and Paani – and create your own adventures!