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Top 10 Best Tonka Toys for Kids and Dogs

Top 10 Best Tonka Toys for Kids and Dogs

Did you know Tonka is celebrating 75 years? That’s right! Tonka has been bringing outdoor and indoor playtime to little ones for 75 years now! I loved playing with my brother’s metal Tonka trucks growing up and now I love watching my son play with the same Tonka toys. Whether you have playtime inside or take it outside, the good news is there is a Tonka for you! Check out my Tonka round up below for BOTH kids and furry friends!

Tonka For Kids

Tonka Metal Movers- 3 Pack

Steel Excavator

Classics Metal Dump Truck

Tonka Metal Front Loader

Classics Tow Truck

Tonka Metal Minis

Tonka For Dogs

Tonka Rubber Three Ring Dog Toy

Axle Tread Dog Toy with Interactive Feeder

Real Tire Tri-Stack Tread Feeder Dog Toy