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A Simple Bicycle and Scooter Safety Gear Round Up

A Simple Bicycle and Scooter Safety Gear Round Up

Adult Light Weight Helmet

This helmet is a high performance helmet designed for maximum comfort and safety. The front visor is removable along with the inner padding which makes for easy pad cleaning in-between rides. \

Reno’s Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet

This bicycle helmet features a dash camera and LED lights along with bluetooth speakers. The sun visor is also magnetic and detachable. The helmet also has turn signals and a brake light! Talk about a fancy helmet!

Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Perfect for bicycle rides, these sunglasses feature a plastic frame, polycarbonate lens and scratch resistant coating.

USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light- 2 Piece Set

Super bright LED front and back lights with rechargeable cable and 4-light modes.

Reflective Belt Sash

This adjustable LED sash is perfect for night time cycling or scootering. It features two lighting modes and is USB rechargeable so no batteries required. Shop it one of three colors above!

Adult Bicycle/ Scooter Helmet

Shop this stylish helmet is three sizes and in a variety of colors. It is protective, cooling, comfortable and safe. The built in visor helps to block our the sun and the 11 air vents allowing for optimal air flow.

Triple Eight Saver Series Adult Safety Pads

Handle Bar Bicycle Mirror

This bicycle rearview mirror features a high impact nylon plus fiber frame and HD blast resistant lens.

Tip: The clamp is offered in a variety of sizes so make sure you pay attention to the size of the handle bar prior to ordering!

LED Wheel Lights and Accessories For Adult Bicycles and Kids

The LED wheel light are specifically easy to adjust and perfect for a night time bicycle ride! The LED bike frame light is sold separately and offers 13 color modes and is easy to install.

Kids Safety Pads

This protective gear set includes two knee pads, two elbow pads and two wrist pads. The pads are adjustable, lightweight and offered in two kid sizes.

Kids Safety Helmet

This helmet features an ABS shell to resist impact and high quality EPS foam to provide shock-absorbing power for those tough falls. Shop this helmet in three sizes and in a variety of colors simply by clicking one of the images above!