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5 Reasons Why Epcot is the Best Disney Park with Kids

5 Reasons Why Epcot is the Best Disney Park with Kids

5. Spacious Outdoor Space

Did you know Epcot is the second largest park inside Walt Disney World Resort? Yes, it’s true! While Animal Kingdom is the largest park spanning around 500 acres, Epcot is second with 300 acres, followed by Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom with only 107 acres of magical land.

I love Epcot with little ones because the space really does matter. Epcot offers an abundance of scenic walkways that are off the beaten path and are absolutely perfect for rocking little ones to sleep in a stroller. For little ones who may need a change of scenery, visit the Miniature Railway located on the outside, ( kind of by the restrooms ) of the Germany Pavilion.

Favorite Stroller Walkways

  • Morocco Pavilion- I like this pavilion because it is rarely crowded and there are plenty of winding walkways to really seal the deal for a magical nap. The Gallery of Arts and History is located inside Morocco at the front, directly on the left inside a double door building and offers a very secluded and quiet spot for little ones napping in a stroller.
  • Canada Pavilion- Stroll along the floral pathway, cross over a small bridge under a rocky tunnel and discover a magnificent flowing rock waterfall. Perfect for waterfall and water fountain enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Italy Pavilion- One of my favorite spots to stroll to is actually located on the waterfront side of the Italy Pavilion. It is typically not very crowded and it’s fun to check out the colorful gondolas floating in the water. I also think this is a fantastic photo spot!

4. Playgrounds

Epcot is full of play spaces and playgrounds for little ones. The latest is the Health Full Trail located by the Imagination Walkway. This playground features colorful gardens, structures for climbing, slides, shade and more! The Tiana themed playground is located across from Test Track and is another fun outdoor spot for little explorers to run, climb and play.

Indoor playgrounds around Epcot include Bruce’s Shark World playground located on the first floor of the aquarium by the finding Nemo ride. Head over to Mission Space ride exit for another fun indoor playground, Space Base. This playground is reminiscent of the Discovery Zone days with tons of plastic climbing tunnels and tubes that are perfect for little ones who need to let off steam.

3. The Hedge Garden in the UK Pavilion

This hedge maze is a hidden gem tucked directly behind the UK Pavilion. This cobblestone and hedge garden space is sprinkled with outdoor table tops, benches and surprise character meet and greets. (Hint, hint..Alice and Mary)

If you make your way over to the gazebo, notice each side of the gazebo offers a small hedge maze style garden with little twists and turns. This is the perfect spot for kids to hit that mid-day refresh while also letting out some energy.

2. Disney In-Park Aquarium

Have you been to the aquarium in Epcot? It is located by the Finding Nemo ride and is actually accessible at the exit of the ride. This two story aquarium offers sights, sounds and experiences for guests looking to soak in everything wonderful about the big blue world.

Hampton loves this aquarium and we have even spent over a hour just inside this aquarium. We loved watching the manatees swim and were even lucky enough to witness the Manatees feasting on a mid-day snack. Make sure to stop at Bruce’s playground downstairs inside the aquarium because this playground offers interactive buttons, sounds and effects for little ones.

1. Harmonious

How did they manage to “out do” IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth? Now this is just my personal opinion but to start… they brought in gigantic floating screens, light up fountains that move, pyrotechnics, lasers, more lights, and fireworks. This nighttime spectacular is absolutely epic and is a must-see for guests of all ages! This musical show lasts approximately 20 minutes each night. It is a truly memorable and magical way to round up a day at the park.