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New Hot Toy Reviews

New Hot Toy Reviews

Out with the old and in with the new for 2022! I rounded up the biggest toy hits in our household and paired each product with a helpful review. Shop this trendy roundup for birthday gift inspiration, Valentine’s Day surprises, Easter basket stuffers, end of school surprises and more!

Winning Fingers Pop Up Board Game 2-Player

Pros: Letter identification, hand eye coordination skills, multi-player fun.

Think of the classic pop-up game, but with added thrill factor because of playing against an opponent. Sprinkle that with some educational learning fun and you have a two player game that is worth investing in and great for traveling!

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Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drone

Pros: This may just feel like the most futuristic toy ever. Easy to learn, rechargeable and just overall super fun. It still amazes me just how easy this drone is to maneuver and operate.

Tech Kidz My Exploration Toy Laptop Educational Learning Computer

Pros: Includes engaging educational learning activities that help strengthen math skills, spelling, problem solving skills, logic, vocabulary, typing, memory, music, hand-eye coordination and more.

The Tech Kidz Toy Laptop is perfect for preschoolers and little learners! Hampton loves the finger touch pad, sounds and the engaging activities. The adjustable volume is also a fantastic feature!

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Melissa & Doug Super Duper Donut & Taco Rolling Wooden Food Cart

Pros: Includes 45 accessories featuring wooden play food, felt play food, interchangeable menu and more! This cart promotes creative play and allows little ones to take Taco Tuesday to a new level!

I love how many accessories are included with the cart! The cart itself is very easy to wheel around and is the perfect height for my growing four year old. Simply turn the banner and interchange the front menu to convert cart between tacos and donuts.

Radio Flyer Cyclone Ride-on for Kids

Pros: This arm-powered ride on features 16″ wheels that smoothly roll forward, backward and spin 360 degrees. The frame is sturdy featuring solid steel.

Kids really will gravitate towards this unique toy! It is equally challenging as it is fun. This is a fantastic gift for preschoolers who love to play outside.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Thirst Quencher Drink Dispenser

Pros: Includes plastic cups, juice inserts and ice cubes. We love this magical little drink dispenser. Easy to learn after a few practices. Place the cup under the ice dispenser and press a button to release individual plastic ice cubes. Place the cup under the juice dispenser and press a button to release plastic juice fillers that line the inside of the cup.

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Basic Fun View Master Classic Viewer with Reels Discovery

Pros: Includes viewer and two discs featuring endangered species.

Pass down all the nostalgic feels to your little one with a real 3D viewfinder! The concept is simple and yet this toy continues to be a hit in our household.

Spokester Bicycle Noise Maker

Pros: Create new fun with the same bicycle. Easy to snap on and preschooler approved!

Light-Up Skip It Ankle Toy

Pros: Comfy ankle cushion makes skipping easy and the LED lights are a fun addition to this classic sport!

I was such a huge fan of the classic skip it toy so naturally I was super excited to find a similar outside toy for my son. Say goodbye to the old school plastic ankle cutters and say hello to a cushion ankle strap that makes skipping not only bearable but also extremely fun!

NERF MicroShots 6-Blaster Bundle

Pros: Includes 6 mini-versions of classic Nerf blasters along with darts. Perfect for nerf blaster wars.

This was a hit with our entire family! Easy to use. Simply insert the nerf dart into the blaster, pull the lever down, aims and fire. Awesome for group play and pairs well with a nerf target.

Nerf Target and Extra Nerf Darts

Handy Grabs Helping Hands

Pros: Grabber is 20-inches making it great to get small objects from hard to reach spots.

This grabber has been a hit for both kids and adults in our home. Kids enjoy using it to pick up toys and I found myself using it for things around the house such as taking ornaments off the top of my Christmas tree!

Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Spidey Web Slinger

Pros: Shoots and quickly retracts for mess free imaginary fun!

Perfect for any little one who is a fan of the hit show, Spidey and His Amazing Friends! Pair with a cape and mask set for more superhero action!

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Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart

Pros: Metal frame and easy to assemble.

Out of all the toy shopping carts, this one is Hampton’s favorite! I think the quality is excellent too!

Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber

Pros: Batteries included, vibrates with realistic lightsaber sounds.

This is such a fun staple Star Wars piece and Hampton loves the sounds!