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Amazon Finds for Fall 2021- Shop My Latest Finds

Amazon Finds for Fall 2021- Shop My Latest Finds

Welcome to my on-going list of Amazon products and reviews for Fall 2021! I have been an Amazon Prime shopper for a few years now and I still get excited each time that delightful blue van pulls up to deliver a package. Why do I like shopping on Amazon? There are many reasons but a few that immediately come to mind include the opportunity to compare products, product pricing and convenience. I also love using the Amazon Subscribe and Save feature to keep our home stocked with everyday essentials like toiletries and pet food!

It is clear I’m a huge fan of Amazon and that is the exact reason I decided to begin rounding up my Amazon finds for you to shop too! In an effort to be completely transparent, I have also included a few key points under each product such as the product “pros”, the product “cons,” and whether or not I decided to keep or return the product.

Full Disclaimer- This list is a peek into the way my mind operates, meaning it is full of completely random and non-related products. Click the product image to shop it!

Short Sleeve Lace-Up Ribbed Bodysuit

Size: S, Fits True To Size

Pros: Double button at the bottom of the bodysuit and washes well.

Cons: Color and Size Availability Vary.

Overall, I really like this bodysuit! The fabric is nice and it pairs well with denim shorts or pants. I would even consider ordering this in another color too!

More bodysuits like this…

Large 4-Inch Matte Hair Claw Clips

Pros: Easy to open and close clamp, solid grip and comfortable.

Cons: N/A

Ruffle Puff Sleeve Dress

Size: XS

Pros: This flowy dress exceeded my expectations so much so, I ordered an additional dress in another color! I love the smocked fit around the waist and the puffy sleeves can be worn up over the shoulder or down around the shoulder. I actually found them both to be adorable! Win-Win!

Cons: Obviously, the fact that I did not find it sooner!

Portable Desktop Mini-Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: Easy to use. The course bristles make it easy to clean up small amounts of pet hair on furniture and crumbs. I have to admit, it is fun to use. My three year old absolutely loves it too!

Cons: Requires 2 AA batteries as opposed to being rechargeable.

Malibu Rehab Hard Water Wellness and Miracle Repair Set

Pros: I have very fine, non-color treated hair. The two step kit did remove hard water build up and I did notice my hair felt more lightweight after using both treatments in the set.

Cons: Hair felt extremely dry the next few days.

This was my first time trying a product to remove hard water build up. Would I buy this again? No, however I would like to continue to shop around for a product that may be a better fit for my hair type and I am not opposed to trying this brand again.

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Exfoliating Sponge in French Lavender

Pros: Fantastic for exfoliating and leaves skin feeling super soft. Long lasting and easy to hang in the shower.

Cons: It is on the pricy side but then again, it eliminates having to buy body wash.

Magnetic Key Shelf with Ledge

Pros: TBD

Cons: TBD

Color Changing Jellyfish Lava Lamp

Pros: Operate using a USB plug or 3 AA batteries. Includes a total of 5 jellyfish and lamp automatically alternates between 7 glowing colors.

Cons: The jellyfish tentacles tend to get stuck at the bottom of the lamp from time to time but are easy to set free simply by stirring the jellyfish.

This lamp is super cool and my three year old loves it! We use at a nightlight in his restroom. The instructions are not super clear online but this does require distilled water and a drop of dish soap.

2-Pack Lighted Skeleton Arms Hand Yard Stakes

Pros: Waterproof, battery operated, includes a timer along with 40 LED warm lights.

Cons: N/A

I think this is a fantastic addition to any outdoor Halloween decor!