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DIY Succulent Baby Diaper Cake- Simple Step by Step Guide

DIY Succulent Baby Diaper Cake- Simple Step by Step Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of baby showers and baby sprinkles! Whether you are planning to host a baby shower, planning your very own celebratory baby event or attending a baby sprinkle, it is safe to say there is a lot to learn and explore! Baby trends are constantly evolving and the evolution of the baby diaper cake is no exception. Let’s start with the basics…

What is a “Diaper Cake?”

According to the Oxford Language Dictionary, a diaper cake is a gift for new or expectant parents consisting of diapers and other items for a new baby arranged in a shape resembling a tiered cake.

Diaper cakes make fantastic gifts for expecting moms and can even be utilized as a center piece for a baby shower or sprinkle. I decided to dive straight into this baby trend by constructing my very own diaper cake for my expecting sister in-law. Based on my research, the structure can consist of a paper towel shape middle to support the tier shape. I decided that instead of cardboard for the middle support piece in my diaper cake that I wanted to use a bottle of wine for mama to enjoy post pregnancy. Without further adieu, here is my roundup of diaper cake materials, tools and directions to construct your very own homemade diaper cake. Best of luck!

What You Need- Diaper Cake Decorations

  • 40-50 Newborn or Size 1 Baby Diapers
  • Eucalyptus Garland
  • Assortment of Artificial Succulents
  • 3-5 Artificial Magnolias
  • 2.5 inch Sage Green Ribbon
  • 1.5 Wired Gold Glitter Ribbon
  • 1-Pair Baby Shoes
  • Bottle of Wine or Cardboard Paper Towel Roll

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What You Need- Household Tools

  • Rubber Bands
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Round Cardboard Base
  • Scissors

What To Do

STEP 1: Roll each diaper tightly and secure with one rubber band.

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STEP 2: Using a hot glue gun tool, glue the bottom of the middle centerpiece to the round cake board. In this diaper cake, I used a bottle of Rose’ but a cardboard paper towel roll will also do the trick.

STEP 3: Create the first tier by outlining the bottom of the middle centerpiece (wine bottle) and securing to the centerpiece using a rubber band. Complete the first tier by creating a second border of diapers around the first. Secure with rubber band again.

STEP 4: Repeat Step 3 with the second and third tier working your way to the top of the centerpiece. Fill in any holes with remaining rolled diapers.

STEP 5: Wrap the bottom layer with the sage green ribbon two times, making sure to overlap and gently tighten to secure tier. Measure and cut accordingly. Place a small amount of hot glue at the end of the ribbon to secure in place. Repeat for the second and third tier.

STEP 6: Place the gold ribbon on top of the sage ribbon, center accordingly and proceed to wrap around the tier two times before hot gluing and securing the gold ribbon. Repeat for the second and third tier.

STEP 7: Using the eucalyptus garland, gently wrap the border of each tier. Cut and glue accordingly to hold garland in place at the bottom of each tier.

STEP 8: Tuck succulents and magnolias into each tier until diaper cake appears to have a lush, full appearance.

STEP 9: Top with baby shoes and place any remaining succulents around the baby shoes.