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What’s In My Pool Bag? The Practical Pool and Beach Day Packing Guide

What’s In My Pool Bag? The Practical Pool and Beach Day Packing Guide

Born and raised in the sunshine state, it’s hard not to take the sunshine for granted and even I’ll admit I’m guilty of it at times but it’s also the biggest reason I love living in Florida. Aside from the daily afternoon monsoons and yearly hurricanes, the weather is always gorgeous! It is hard to pass up a day at the pool or even a few hours at the beach during summer time. Hampton and I have been frequenting the pools and beach in our community at least twice a week.

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To make our impromptu trips to the pool and beach a little easier, I decided to begin keeping a pre-packed bag in the car and around the house. It took me a while to get the hang of what-to-pack and what-not-to pack but once I got into a groove, it really was a lot easier to have a bag ready to go than to do the last minute packing frenzy shuffle. The key for me was to keep the pool bag simple with towels, sunscreen, pool toys, change of clothes and toss in any delicious snacks on the way out the door.

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I’m excited to share with you my pool day packing guide including some of my favorite baby items I used with Hampton for fun in the sun! Simply click on the product below to shop it!

Pool Bags

Sun Hats

Little Sun Hats

Sun Care

Sun Care for Littles

Insulated Tumblers

Little Insulated Tumblers

Pool Toys