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Check Out These 5 Murals in Jacksonville, Florida

Check Out These 5 Murals in Jacksonville, Florida

A mural is defined as a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall. Murals make for an aesthetically pleasing social media post but also add a heaping dose of culture to their environment and surroundings. Jacksonville features an ever-growing eclectic collection of murals sprinkled all over town. It is so easy to find a picture of a mural online but to see that same exact mural in person can only be described as, “an experience.” It provides the opportunity to form a new lens on an old space within a community.

I’m excited to share with you five murals I recently discovered throughout downtown Jacksonville, Riverside Jacksonville and San Marco. In an effort to create an informative post, I am also sharing with you where to find each mural along with tips to capture the best photo of the mural.

Artist: Nicole Holderbaum

Where To Find It: 474 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Photo Tip: This colorful mural is in front of multiple parking spaces making it a bit tricky to capture the entire mural without a car visible in the frame. Visit this mural early in the day in hopes of less car traffic and don’t be afraid to take the angles to new heights as seen above.

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Artist: Case Mclaim

Where To Find It: 25 W Forsyth St. Jacksonville, FL 32204

Photo Tip: Visit this downtown mural early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to avoid car and foot traffic. The mural is easily accessible from a vacant lot with the entrance to that lot being on the left side of the mural. Catch it as the sun is rising over the building for an extra stunning view of the mural.

Artist: Jason Tetlak

Where To Find It: Murray Hill, Corner of Edgewood Avenue and Plymouth Street

Photo Tip: This impressive mural will bring nostalgia to Bill Murray fans and once the construction is cleared away, will be an excellent addition to any social media feed. Hopefully the surrounding construction will clear soon to make this work of art more accessible.

Artist: Remi Rough

Where To Find It: 2000 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville Fl, 32207. Directly next to the San Marco Movie Theatre.

Photo Tip: This mural is off a small side street in San Marco. To get the best shot of the mural, the photographer will definitely need to capture the shot from the street so visit this mural on a weekend morning for less car traffic.

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Artist: Ronoco Collective

Where To Find It: 955 Edgewood Ave. S.

Photo Tip: I love this colorful mural but I will admit the location is busy one. This mural is located directly at a stoplight on a busy corner. For this shot, the person capturing the photo needs to be directly across the street and wait for traffic to completely clear to prevent cars from being in the shot. That means waiting for a non-congested green traffic light. It’s tricky but worth it! Best of luck!

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