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The Ultimate Theme Park Checklist- What To Pack + Must Have Items

The Ultimate Theme Park Checklist- What To Pack + Must Have Items

What is more fun that a mid-week theme park visit? Crowds are typically lower during the week making Wednesday my “go-to” option if I am able to swing it, however I always run into the same issue each time I book my theme park ticket. Yes, I am talking about the packing. Packing for a theme park visit can easily become overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been to a theme park in a considerable amount of time. In hopes of sprinkling a little pixi dust into your next theme park visit, I went ahead and rounded up a list of items I regularly pack during my trip to the parks as well as a few items I am taking with me this week to test out at the parks. Follow my theme park adventures in live time by watching my stories on IG @themommynichols HERE !

This round up includes my favorite items designed to make life just a little smoother while visiting a theme park. I’ve spent countless hours inside my favorite Walt Disney World parks and I have learned many lessons including what to pack and what to leave at home. I hope this list allows you to skip the stress of packing and instead channel that energy into excitement for your next visit to the parks!

Here is everything you need to consider taking during your next theme park visit! Simply click on the product image below to add it to your cart today!

Personal Fans

Personal Rechargeable Neck Fan- BEST DEAL

It is no secret that Florida can reach temperatures that simulate the surface of the sun. For whatever reason, it feels even HOTTER while inside a theme park. Once envious of those I saw wearing these dual rotating neck fans, I am now the proud owner of one. Let’s face it…how do you stay cool at a theme park while while wearing a face mask? You get a rechargeable neck band. Don’t worry if you catch a few people staring at you while you sport this incredible ensemble…deep down they just wish they were wearing one too.

Lightweight Blade-less Rechargeable Neck Fan

This lightweight neck fan is paired with a heftier price tag but it does offer a sleek, modern design along with batteries that last 4-16 hours when fully charged. Featuring 3 speeds, this fan is quiet and offers the same hands-free benefit as the neck band above.

Flexible Tripod Fan

This fan features three speeds and it is rechargeable. What I love the most about this fan is the easy-to-bend grippy tripod that literally allows you to attach it just about anywhere. It is perfect for strollers!

Mini-Collapsable Handheld Fan

This portable handheld fan is rechargeable and features 2 speeds. The compact size makes it easy to fit into a fanny pack.

The Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Soak it in cold water, ring it out, and simply drape around your neck. The high grade and extra thick PVA will keep you cool during the hot months and is perfect to reuse for any outdoor recreational activity.

Power Bank Phone Chargers

Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack

Skip the stress of cords with this magnetic battery pack. This battery includes a strong magnetic sticker that makes it easy to stick the charger to your phone. Click the product image above to see which exact phones are compatible with this charger.

Ultra Compact Cordless Power Bank

Once fully charged, leave the cords at home and recharge your phone directly with this compact power bank that is the size of a lipstick container.

Portable Charger 10000mAh Power Bank

Ready to charge with 5 volts, this portable phone charger includes a built-in cable for iPhone, Android and more. Click the product image above to see which exact phones are compatible with this charger.

Sun Protection

Thinkbaby Safe Water Resistant Sunscreen-SPF 50+

Perfect for traveling with little ones. I personally use this sunscreen for Hampton’s face during our Walt Disney World days.

COOLA Organic Sunscreen & Sunblock Spray in Guava Mango- SPF 30

Easy to apply and smells absolutely amazing! Great sun protection for sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray SPF 50BEST DEAL

Fast absorbing and water resistant, this sunscreen is perfect for outdoor activities and all day park adventures. It is definitely the best bang for your buck.

Kids Swimzip UPF 50+ Wide Brim Hat

This is the BEST hat for little ones. I took our Swimzip hat with us to the parks, the beach, the playground and outdoor activity inbetween. This is a summer must-have for babies and little ones.

Thank Me Later Makeup Setting Spray

Featuring over 20,707 reviews and sitting pretty at 4.5 stars… it’s easy to see why this long lasting makeup setting spray fell right into my Amazon cart. I am excited to try out this matte finish, lightweight mist setting spray this week and will circle back with my first hand review experience.

Rain Gear

Hands Free Foldable UFO Umbrella Cap

It is always a toss-up as far as what time it will rain in the afternoon in Florida but more likely than not if you are traveling to a theme park during the summer months, be prepared for a little bit of rain in the forecast. I am taking this umbrella cap with me during my next visit to Walt Disney World and will promptly update this post upon returning to fill you in on how well this cap withstood the theme park downpours.

Pack Disposable Rain Ponchos 20 Pack- BEST DEAL

This is going to be the best bang for your buck in the poncho department. Keep in mind, these ponchos are disposable so this is more of a quantity over quality purchase. On the positive flip side, it does make it easy to toss the poncho after one day and grab a fresh poncho for the next day. I have been around the poncho buying business for a while now and 20 ponchos for $15 is a FANTASTIC deal!

Re-Usable Rain Coat 2 Pack

No need to dry clean or clean wash these ponchos. Just wipe with a wet cloth after using and it is ready to use again. Breathable material and foldable for compact packing capabilities. I am taking this rain coat with me during my next visit to Walt Disney World and will promptly update this post upon returning to fill you in on how well this raincoat withstood the theme park downpours.

Dr. Frederick’s Original Better Blister Bandages-10 Count Heel Pack

Blisters and theme parks go hand in hand. I am super prone to getting painful blisters during a day at the park and this usually results in me running (or hobbling) to the nearest gift shop to purchase an extra thick pair of ankle socks that in no way match my outfit. I’m excited to try these out during my theme park visit this week because they are supposedly WATERPROOF. I’m skeptical but with over 2761 positive reviews, I am hopeful!

Collapsible Water Bottles

Nefeeko Collapsible 18 oz Water Bottle

I was immediately drawn to this because it reminded me of an accordion. Other than it’s sleek design, this silicone water bottle is leakproof, easy to clean and lightweight making it a great sidekick for any park hopping day!

35 oz Silicone Water Bottle

This water bottle features a double seal design and leak proof valve on the cap. Perfect for staying hydrated and refilling for continuous use through the day.

Kids 18 oz Water Bottle

Choose from a tennis ball, soccer ball or basket ball. Each of these fun silicon water bottles holds 18 oz of water and is BPA free.