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What is VOOKS? Everything You Need To Know About the Visual Storytelling App

What is VOOKS? Everything You Need To Know About the Visual Storytelling App

The Vooks app offers parents and teachers quality screen time that can be streamed worldwide on everyday devices. The engaging stories offer children social and emotional learning paired with colorful visuals that makes reading fun. Want to learn more about this engaging children’s storybook app? Below is everything you need to know about the visual storytelling app!

WHO is Vooks for?

Vooks is designed for children, ages 2-8.

WHAT is Vooks?

Vooks is an ad-free literacy based app that brings children’s storybooks to life. Vooks helps little ones get excited about reading while also instilling educational values such as comprehension, language and vocabulary.

WHEN should I consider signing up for Vooks?

Studies show that introducing reading at a young age offers a variety of lifelong benefits. According to the World Literacy Foundation, encouraging early reading habits promotes brain development, vocabulary development, communication and more!

WHERE can I use Vooks?

Vooks can be streamed worldwide on Apple devices, Android devices, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Vooks can also be watched offline too!

WHY is Vooks beneficial?

Vooks can serve as a fantastic tool for parents and teachers looking to introduce books to littles ones. Vooks is a convenient, at-home visual library. Vooks can be streamed online and also used offline. New Vooks are added every month along with at-home printable resources. Parents and children are able to create a customized list of their favorite Vooks to watch at-home or on the go!

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