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Tobi Robot Smartwatch by Little Tikes Review

Tobi Robot Smartwatch by Little Tikes Review

Meet Tobi! The interactive Robot Smartwatch for little ones that features moving robot arms and legs plus over 100 expressions! I am excited to have partnered with Little Tikes to bring you my WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHY review for this fun, new smartwatch for kids!

WHO is Tobi for?

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch is a full function smartwatch created by Little Tikes. Tobi is designed and recommended for children ages four and up. This smartwatch is designed to stand-up to kid tough play, indoors and outdoors.

WHAT does Tobi do?

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch helps kids learn to tell time with a built-in clock. Tobi also features a calendar, stopwatch, fitness tracker, reminders and alarm clock. Tobi includes dance actives and even augmented reality games! Tobi is also able to take and store up to 3,000 pictures along with videos that can also be shared with Tobi paired devices.

WHEN is Tobi available for purchase?

The Tobi Smartwatch by Little Tikes is available for purchase right now at your local retailers. To learn more about Tobi’s features and mechanics, visit

WHERE can I find Tobi?

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch is available in Blue and Pink at these retailers.

Tobi Smartwatch in BLUE

Tobi Smartwatch in PINK– Available for Preorder

WHY Tobi?

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch offers a kid-friendly touch screen that is also splash proof. Tobi features 640×480 pixel duel cameras and 512 MB of memory. Not to mention the impressive battery life that can last up to 5 days!

Little ones will love the moving arms and leg along with the over 100 expressions. It is customizable with over 50 watch faces to choose from and includes an abundance of interactive games. Tobi Robot Smart watch includes the watchband, clip/stand and USB cable. It is a fantastic birthday gift and/or holiday gift idea!