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What To Pack- Kids Beach and Pool

What To Pack- Kids Beach and Pool

Nothing says “nap time” like a trip to the beach or pool! Allow me to clarify that first sentence. I am not referring to myself napping at the beach or pool. ( I wish.) I am referring to visiting the beach and/or pool with littles ones. The beach is the perfect place for little ones to play, splash and use outdoor voices. Even if nap-time is non-existent in your home, these fun outdoor activities are a fantastic way to enjoy summer and possibly even let out a little bit of energy!

Hampton and I basically live at the beach or pool all summer long. I am so excited to share with you what I typically pack for a beach or pool outing. I also wanted to share a few summer time must-haves from when Hampton was younger that I personally used during our summer outings.

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Beach Toys by Battat Toys

Colorful, fun and most importantly…easy to pack up! BONUS: The Wavy Wagon rolls on the sand allowing littles one to tote their own beach toys!

Kids Sunnies

Protect those beautiful eyeballs!

Insulated Bag

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this insulated bag! It keeps snacks cold all afternoon!

Disney Beach Towels- ON SALE

Bring your favorite Disney characters to the beach and pool this summer! Hampton has the Toy Story towel and it is SUPER soft.

Children’s Sunscreen

The sun is a powerful force of nature. Protect little ones this summer with my two favorite sunscreen brands.

Battat Wavy Wagon Set

Thermoflask Stainless Steel Water Bottles

I have been using these water bottles for over a year! They are EASY to clean and keep drinks ICE COLD for those hot days.

Bling2O Goggles

I love these fun goggles! Hampton is currently using them for swim lessons and they work great!

Swimwear- Girls


Foldable Beach Mat

Waterproof, sand-proof and EASY to fold!

Baby Foldable Beach Chair + Eating Tray

Adult Beach Chair

If you do get the luxury of sitting down at the beach with little ones, keep it simple with one of these easy to fold beach chairs!

Toddler Hat + Sun Shades

THE BEST HAT EVER for babies and toddlers! BONUS: These sun shades attach easily to beach chairs to help shield you from the sun.

Water Squirter- 2 PACK

Pool Diving Toys

Hampton just learned how to hold his breath underwater! Swim lessons are really helping teach him the skills he needs to become a great swimmer. We are continuing to practice with diving toys like these on the steps of the pool.