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DIY; Tie-Dye Groovey Fun for Kids

DIY; Tie-Dye Groovey Fun for Kids

Hello, my name is Brittany and I just hosted my first Tie-Dye Playdate Party this week! The keyword here is “first” because I literally for the first time in forever just tie-dyed my very first article of clothing and to my complete surprise…IT WORKED! This Tie-Dye Kit was extremely easy to use and came with more than enough supplies to successfully Tie-Dye 12 T-Shirts for children with left over supplies to spare!

Host your very own Tie-Dye Playdate Party using the affordable supplies below!

Tie-Dye Kit

This kit includes rubberbands, disposable gloves, 1 giant plastic bag and an assortment of colorful dyes.

Baby Onesie Pack- White

Boys/Girls T-Shirt Pack- White

Girls/Boys Tank Top Pack- White

Plastic Storage Bin

Contain the mess with this plastic storage bin that is also easy to rinse out and re-use!

Cooling Rack

Place the cooling rack INSIDE the plastic storage bin when dying in order to allow excess dye to drip to the bottom of the container. Easy and smart!

Gallon Zip-Lock Bag

IMPORTANT: To prevent color mix-ups, be sure to store each piece of clothing INDIVIDUALLY in a plastic bag. You can use and recycle grocery store plastic bags too!

SweetShop- Tie Dye Colorful Cake Mix

SweetShop- Unicorn Tart No Bake Cheesecake Kit

This kit went from Unicorn Tart to Tie-Dye Tarts no time and I LOVE IT! It is an easy to whip up, delicious treat that is toddler approved in our home!

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