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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

$5 Classroom Cards

I am obessed with these unique Valentine’s Day cards! Each classroom set includes a card plus stickers or fun tic-tac-toe game!

Taco Holders…because nothing says I LOVE YOU like TACOS!

Reinvent “Taco Tuesday” with one of these fun taco holders for kids!

Throwback Plush Toys

Pass down the gift of 90’s nostalgia this Valentine’s Day.

Personalized Puzzle

Adorable and also serves as a fantastic learning tool for little ones!

Indoor/ Outdoor Gardening Kits

Give the gift that grows this Valentine’s Day!

Easy DIY Crafts

4-STAR Rated Valentine’s Day Book for Kids

The perfect additon to any bookworm’s bookshelf!

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