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10 Goodies Every Construction Loving Kid Needs

10 Goodies Every Construction Loving Kid Needs

Hampton’s most recent obsession is quickly taking over our home…one cargo load at a time. If you are reading this, then it is very possible that you have or are currently experiencing construction world take-over.

I must admit, I totally get why construction vehicles have captured my toddler’s heart. Construction vehicles are larger than life, bright yellow and feature an extremely repetitive beeping sound when in reverse. All three of these characteristics are nearly irresistible to toddlers. Especially my two year old toddler.

I compiled a list of our favorite Construction goodies for anyone who may also be living in a construction world take-over. Scoop up these fantastic construction goodies to use as a birthday gift or just for fun!

Play-Doh Construction Sets

Construction Worker Costume

Dump Truck Foldable Toy Box

Kinetic Sand Construction Set

Construction Truck Raint Boots

Construction Truck Set with Playmat

Tonka Truck Nightlight

4 Piece Construction Set

Meal Time Set

Construction Worker Rubber Ducky Set

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