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What’s Trending In My Kitchen

What’s Trending In My Kitchen

The kitchen is hands down my favorite room in our entire home! I love finding new and useful kitchen tools, gadgets and cookware for my kitchen. I always ask myself two questions when looking to purchase a kitchen essential…

  1. Is it practical?

As in… will I really, actually use it more than once per year? If the answer is “YES”, proceed to question 2…

2. Is this a good buy?

What this basically means is, am I getting this item for a reasonable price? The internet makes it SO easy to price compare and read reviews of products with the click of the button! Take advantage of this when shopping for every kitchen essentials.

Here are my favorite kitchen essentials that checked “YES” to both of those questions…

Slate Cheese Board

Handheld Grape Slicer

Perfect for the parent of a grape loving toddler! Easy to use and easy to clean!

Silicone Over Mitts

Simple to wash and wipe down. Perfect for removing hot items from the oven.

Automatic Wine Opener

Eliminate the fuss of opening a bottle of wine with this easy to use automatic wine opener. Always a favorite at our get together and parties.

Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable

Not only did I purchase one of these but I purchased TWO! This turntable is perfect for condiments inside the refrigerator, medicines inside a cabinet and spices for the pantry!

3-in-1 Avocado Tool

I loathe peeling avocados and this little tool has helped me through many bowls of homemade guacamole.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage Containers

I admit, I previously owned an entire cabinet full of storage containers. The game of “which container does this lid fit?” game became increasingly tiring. I tossed out the old, purchased this set and I have never looked back!

Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes

These wipes easily tackle my kitchen appliances and the best part? Toss it in the trash when you are done!

Ice Sphere Re-Usable Tray

I recently purchased this for my husband’s birthday and he absolutely loves it! Perfect for entertaining guests too and easy to clean!

Magnetic Chip Clips

It took me FOREVER to find a reliable set of chip clips so I fully stand behind this chip clip set. Bonus: the chip clips are magnetic!

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