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3 Family Fun Activities in Tampa, Florida

3 Family Fun Activities in Tampa, Florida

Go on an adventure this summer! Adventures can be planned ahead or adventures can be completely spontaneous. Adventures can lead to a road trip miles away or an adventure can right in your very own backyard. I’m not going to tell you HOW to plan your adventure but I am going to urge you to GO FOR IT!

In most cases, I tend to take advantage of my “Type A” personality and plan each vacation out to the fullest. I admit that I tend to even over-plan the family itinerary at times but my intentions include making each moment count in hopes of creating memories that will last a lifetime! That is exactly what happened during our last trip to Sanibel Island, Florida. What started as a spontaneous pit top in Tampa, Florida resulted in memories that will last us a lifetime. I’m excited to bring you 3 Family Fun Activities to check out the next time you visit Tampa, Florida!

#1 The Florida Aquarium

Sea Turtles, Lemurs and Moon Jellies…OH MY! The Florida Aquarium offers a variety of animal exhibits, hands on experiences and an outdoor splash pad for kids. YES, AN OUTDOOR SPLASH PAD! You can EASILY spend the entire afternoon at this aquarium.

Make the most of your aquarium ticket by planning ahead and packing a bag. Inspiration on what to pack? Look no further because I got you covered!

What’s IN my Adventure Bag?

Splash Pad Essentials

Hampton’s favorite exhibit was the stingrays. The exhibit is positioned perfectly at toddler eye level making it easy to capture and keep his attention…even if it’s just for a couple minutes!

#2 Glazer Children’s Museum

The Glazer Children’s Museum features dozens of hands on educational exhibits including a vet clinic, miniature Publix and interactive obstacle course. This museum was the perfect way to escape the Florida heat while always allowing Hampton to burn off some energy.

Hampton’s favorite exhibit was the KIDS PORT, larger than life water table. This exhibit is located on the first floor of the museum and features buttons, levers, tug boats and cranes. The water table is the perfect height for toddlers and the museum even provides water play aprons to help keep little ones dry. Hampton refused to keep the water play apron on but hey, it’s the thought that counts?!

#3 Official Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Game

Attending a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game is on the top of our list the next time we return to Tampa, Florida! I have heard positive reviews about attending a Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball game and cannot wait to take Hampton soon!

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