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Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids

The kids are out of school and summer vacation is in full swing! Plan ahead for those summer rainy days by stocking up on art crafts.

When it comes to crafting with little ones, the EASIER the craft, THE BETTER! I put together a list of fun but SIMPLE art crafts that will delivered directly to your doorstep!



Mess maker, mess maker, make me a mess! It is absolutely bound to happen but why not minimize the splatters with an easy to remove smock? I personally ALWAYS opt for a silicone mat!


Washable, colorful and functional! I put together a list of crafty items we plan to conquer & paint this summer. Check it out below…


Birdhouses are a classic craft because they are EASY to paint and little ones will get a thrill out of seeing their favorite bluejay shack up in their own colorful creation!


Drop a penny inside the coin bank. Open the rubber stopper. Shake the penny out. REPEAT


Paint a colorful stepping stone and place in a spot where your little one walks by every single day. It is actually extremely rewarding at any age to see your hard work receive a little sunshine!


This trendy project is the perfect birthday party gift and also encourages little ones to use their imagination!


Isn’t it wild how some trends come back around? Popular in the 80s, Pet Rocks are back more than ever and you can even search your local neighborhood page for fun clubs that encourage children to paint, hide and find rocks around town!

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