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“P” is for PIZZA

“P” is for PIZZA

“Alexa, play Italian Dinner Music!”

Hampton is a professional taste tester…meaning he really does put anything he can get his hands on, in his mouth and gives it a try! I wanted to create an activity that was both toddler and tastebud friendly. Creating a pizza may be my favorite activity we have done together to date! This activity includes just a few easy steps and it DOUBLES as meal time!

Step 1: Gather the ingredients.

I decided to keep it simple but feel free to let your imagination go crazy. I fully intend on trying a breakfast pizza with Ham soon!

-Pizza Crust

-Pizza Sauce

-Olive Oil

-Toppings ( Cheese, Basil, Pepperoni, Fresh Vegetables )

Step 2: Gather the supplies.

Creating a pizza with a toddle is almost guaranteeing some sort of a mess so why not prepare in any way possible? I linked below my FAVE way to prepare for any messy activity we embark on.

I love the MessMat because the heavy silicone stays on the table and the ends of the mat keep the mess contained…for the most part. To prevent bowls or plates from flying across the room, I use these suction cup dishes by Bumkins Baby.

Step 3: Make The Pizza!

*Preheat the oven for baking the pizza*

-Start with using a brand new paintbrush and brush the olive oil onto the pizza crust.

-Next, use a spoon to spread the pizza sauce.

-Sprinkle your prepared pizza topping onto the pizza.

Step 4: Bake The Pizza.

Follow the directions on the pizza crust packaging to properly bake pizza. Allow the pizza to cool prior to serving.

Step 5: Enjoy!

This activity is a fantastic way to explore new textures, smells and tastes!

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