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The Ultimate Travel Stroller

We live an active lifestyle and this includes bringing our one year old son along with us on every adventure. Our most recent adventure included the most magical place on earth but the idea of physically carrying Hampton with us throughout the park the entire time was not so magical. Luckily, we discovered the Jet Ultra Compact Stroller by Silver Cross just in time for our trip!

Here are 3 reasons why the Jet Ultra Compact Stroller was the PERFECT travel stroller for our family!

  1. SUPER COMPACT! This is no exaggeration because the Jet Ultra Compact Stroller has the capability of folding up so small that it is actually APPROVED to fit into an overhead compartment inside an airplane. We did not travel by air however we did travel by bus from the resort to the theme park. This is when the stroller really worked its magic for us. I cannot stress enough how important and easy it was to take this stroller with us on the bus to Disney World.
  2. SUN SHIELD! Disney World is extremely hot in the summertime. We constantly applied sunscreen as directed however if I could feel the sun beating down on my forehead , then I was confident Hampton could feel the same. Luckily the Jet Ultra Compact Stroller offers a UPF+ 50 extended hood with a pop-out hood feature!
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT! The Jet Ultra Compact Stroller is only 13lbs. It was so easy to fold the stroller up and carry it with us to our next destination throughout the entire trip.

I highly recommend the Jet Ultra Compact Stroller by Silver Cross! Hampton was extremely comfortable sitting as well as napping in the stroller. It’s so convenient and easy to use that this stroller is a must for traveling during the upcoming holiday season! #sponsored

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