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Make It A Game Night!

Growing up, family game night was a household tradition.  We even had a designated “game closet” in our house! Playing board games can promote positive learning and social skills! I am so excited to introduce Hampton to classic games I grew up with along with a few new favorites! 

These fun games are perfect for birthday gifts, play dates or just good ole family fun!

Lucky Ducks Game 

This interactive game is all about color matching and includes a rotating duck pond, complete with duck quacking sounds!


POP The Pig Game

Roll the dice to see how many times you need to press the top of the piggy’s chef hat. Be careful, you just might POP the PIG! This game involves color recognition, number counting  and above all anticipation!


Let’s Go Fishing!


This game is a family classic and has been around for years! Perfect for practicing gross motor skills and color recognition!  Can you out fish your opponent?





Mr.Bucket Game

This game is was a personal childhood favorite and excellent for color recognition as well as hand eye coordination skills. Place Mr.Bucket on a hard surface for best results and watch him spin and spit out balls! Grab your shovel to collect the balls!


Don’t Drop The Meatball!

This game will leave everyone on the edge of their seat! Carefully pluck out the spaghetti noodles without dropping a meatball!


Barbecue Party

This hand eye coordination game is full of excitement! Winner is the first to pull three food items off the grill before the food spills!




Giggle Wiggle

Colors, music and movement! This game is excellent for color recognition as players race their way to the top, despite all the wiggles!


Doggie Doo

Everyone poops! Including the dog! This game combines real life responsibilities minus the mess!





Catch The Fox!

Rescue the chickens from this sneaky fox! Be the first player to fill up your coop with chickens before the fox fills his pockets! This fun game involves number recognition!


Shark Bite

Take turns fishing out these colorful sea creatures out of the shark’s mouth. Beware, this shark is known for jumping so you have to be quick to win this game!






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