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Bay & Bee

Connecting through play!

It is obvious I’m no stranger to Bay & Bee! It has become my second home. I’m so excited that Hampton is able to begin exploring this indoor play space so he can also see why it’s so wonderful to have in our community!

Let’s press rewind and take it back to the “The Nanny Nichols” days…

I discovered Bay & Bee while searching for a toddler friendly indoor play space to escape the heat. The moment I tucked my shoes in the wooden cubby and slipped my cat socks on, I knew this place was going to be a game changer. Bay & Bee created a safe play space inspired by Montessori and Waldorf educational principals. The variety of fun classes offered along with engaging activities, made it an easy choice to sign up for a membership. Bay & Bee became our go-to spot for play dates, music time and story time.

Fast foward to 8 months post baby, I am now a member of the Bay & Bee community again but this time as a parent. The tummy time development class provided me with fun techniques to help encourage Hampton to roll over.            I love watching Hampton discover new ways to play each time we visit. Stay tuned as we enter the newest chapter of our lives, CRAWLING.

Visit for more information on classes and memberships. FIRST VISIT IS FREE!

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