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Playtime Meets Safety

Houston, we got a crawler!

We are anxiously awaiting the completion of our new home but have a few more months left.  Recently, we moved into a two bedroom apartment on the third floor.  The move went smoothly but we ultimately decided to store half of our belongings in a storage unit and the other half came with us. It is a tight squeeze leaving little to no room for our little explorer.

This is not a drill! Hampton is certified crawling baby. The moment I witnessed Hampton make his first move, I knew we needed to invest in safe space for Hampton to play.  Safety is our number one priority. I am so fortunate I found the 3-in-1 Extra Wide Gate Wood Barrier Play Yard by NorthStates Baby.

Nortstates Baby only offers high quality,  non-toxic safety gates and play yards. The reason I chose the 3-in-1 Extra Wide Gate Wood Barrier Play Yard was because it can be used as a free standing enclosure or hardware mounted as a barrier. This play yard can be easily mounted to angled walls and with the option to add more panels, it is perfect for covering large areas. The stylish wood design makes it easy to keep the play yard up because it even blends in with our home decor.

Hampton loves his new play yard because it gives him a new sense of freedom while also  being the center of attention. I love 3-in-1 Extra Wide Gate Wood Barrier Play Yard because it allows Hampton to safely explore as he continues to learn and grow!

Northstates offers a variety of baby play yards and safety gates for explorers beginning at 6 months! For a limited time only, use code NICHOLS2O to receive 20% off any purchase. Discover more at Northstates Baby.

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