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Seuss Gear Is Here!

Seuss Gear Is Here!

Calling ALL Seuss Fans!

What is colorful, fun and nostalgic all in one? Why Dr.Seuss gear of course! The bright colors and fun prints will dazzle your little one’s imagination! The most fantastic news ever is that Bumkins Baby┬áhas created a one stop shop to “Seussify” your child’s mealtime, diapering and even apparel!

I really love introducing Hampton to famous authors at such a young age! Incorporating Dr.Seuss into our everyday activities such as meal time, will help familiarize Hampton with classic characters like “Thing 1” and “Thing 2.” I have no doubt that Hampton will be so excited to recognize the same characters when I begin to read him classic Seuss books such as “The Cat In The Hat.” Hampton will already recognize the characters and feel that much more connected to such a great rhyming literacy book!

Seuss up your little one’s life by following the links below!


Dr. Seuss Apparel

Dr. Seuss Diapering

Dr. Seuss Accessories

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