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Weekend with Stanley!

Have you heard of the Flat Stanley project?!

The Flat Stanley Project is the LONGEST literacy project on the web and there is no end in sight! The concept is simple!

-First, cut-out and color a version of Flat Stanley, usually provided the teacher.

-Second, send “Flat Stanley” on an adventure. Whether it is a family member or a friend, ¬†mail Stanley to his destination attached with a short letter including a few requests. The requests include to take Stanley on lots of fun adventures, take pictures and send Stanley home with a short letter describing his travels!

-Last but not least, the student then presents Flat Stanley and his adventures to his or her classmates.

Here are a few photos of our “adventures” with Stanley including a morning coffee, a trip to the zoo, and bedtime snuggles!

To learn more about “Flat Stanley”, visit¬†THE FLAT STANLEY PROJECT

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