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Comfy BayBEE Clothes

Comfy BayBEE Clothes

Let me set the scene…

It is 3:16AM and I am in my usual shopping spot, the quilted rocking chair in the nursery.  It is not long before I become sucked into the vortex known as Amazon where naturally I lose all track of time. That is when it happens…


I recently became obsessed with Burts Bees Clothing for Baby. I love the organic cotton zip-up onesies! Most of the onesies feature elastic at the ankle so Hampton’s constantly kicking feet don’t get sucked up into the legs of the onesie. Trust me, this tends to happen.

The material is soft, the patterns are adorable and most importantly…I have washed his outfits on repeat and I can proudly report that they seem to be durable! I knew I had to share how much I adore this brand after I ordered the same pattern (Midnight Twinkle Bee) in two different sizes!

Here are a few of my FAVORITES! Follow the links to order your own!

Midnight Twinkle Bee Onesie

Midnight Rugby Stripe

Dried Leaf Heather Stripe Onesie

Starry Night Watercolor Bee Onesie

Charcoal Autumn Trees Onesie

Heather Grey Alphabet Bee

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