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Best Little Bookmark

Best Little Bookmark

This Pinterest project caters to the mother who LOVES to sit down and read a good ole fashion novel! I have always loved the smell of a brand new book! The untouched, crisp pages really stole my heart. This bookmark is the perfect Mother’s Day present that will carry you from book to book!

What You Will Need

  • 2 inch photo printed
  • Laminator or local shipping/supply store ( FedEx, Staples)
  • Around $3-4 for laminating cost
  • Yarn or Used Tassel 
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher


This project was a little time consuming to put the steps together but well worth the effort when all was said and done! I first had the little one pick our her FAVORITE outfit for the bookmark photo. Naturally she picked her Elena Of Avalor dress and a Santa Hat. This made my Christmas filled heart sparkle with joy. We then took the photo on a rather plain wall. The less distractions on the wall, the more your child will stand out in the photo.

The second step is to print the photo using a simple at home printer with standard printer paper. I made the picture about 2 inches long on my computer prior to printing.

Next, take your photo to your nearest laminating machine. Our option was the FedEx right down the road. It took literally under 5 minutes and cost less than $3. The associate working was extremely helpful in pointing out the machine and guiding me through the short process of laminating her picture. Once laminated, you are able to trim the excess paper around the picture using your handy dandy scissors.

Now that you have your bookmark trimmed, you are almost done! Using your hole puncher, punch a small hole at the top of the picture but making sure you do not puncture too close to the edge or you will not be able to loop through your tassel.

The final step is looping through your yarn or your tassel. We found a gently used bookmark and took the tassel off for this bookmark. You can also use yarn or string and decorate with beads if you like! Voila, you now have an adorable and extremely personable bookmark that will win over any bookworm’s heart!



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