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The words “Pinterest” and “easy” rarely cross paths within the same sentence but when they do, it is purely magical! This PINTEREST project is as EASY as 1,2,3!

The first step is to gather your supplies…

~Picture Frame…I found this frame at Hobby Lobby but that was only after searching many thrift stores and having little luck and patience. (If you go online to the Hobby Lobby site, there is usually a 40% coupon waiting oh so patiently to be used!)

~Burlap Fabric…I also found this at Hobby Lobby but the amount you purchase will vary on the size of your frame. My frame was 12X12 requiring less than 1/3 yard of fabric.

~Fabric Cutting Scissors…or just some REALLY strong scissors honestly.

~Hot Glue Gun

Next, heat up that glorious glue gun!

In the meantime, remove the back piece of your photo frame and trace it on top of the burlap fabric. You can use a pen or marker to trace the outline of the frame OR take the somewhat easy route and just cut along sides of the frame.

The final step(s)

It’s glue gun time! Now I love using hot glue guns in any project situation but it did take me a few solid glue swipes to get the fabric to really stick to the frame. Now once the glue is on, the race begins to stick that fabric to the frame! The longer you wait, the less chance you have of this fabric sticking. Once the fabric is attached to the back of your frame, simply put your photo frame back together and VOILA! Grab that beautiful dry eraser marker and go to town because you just nailed this project!


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