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15 Things I am Swooning Over in the NEW Sun Squad collection at Target

15 Things I am Swooning Over in the NEW Sun Squad collection at Target

Give me all the palm prints!

Target just released the most adorable line of summer home decor, pool accessories & more in the Sun Squad collection. I was happily overwhelmed with excitement when I turned the corner to see the splash of bright colors that make up the Sun Squad collection display!

The Sun Squad collection features fun flamingos, lots of palm printed decor, unique pool floats for kids/adults, entertaining plate-ware, outdoor games and oh…did I mention lots of palm printed decor? I literally just completed my Target order that is scheduled to be delivered this week and I am already having major FOMO.

As I dive into round 2 of adding items to my cart, enjoy my TOP items that I’m swooning over so far…


Hello new front doormat or patio doormat! I ordered the palm print doormat but I could not resist sharing the other two that I almost ordered!


Do you prefer a higher seat or a lower seat? My answer is simple… it depends on the ground! I love a lower seat if I am at the beach so I can dig my toes into the sand. I love a higher seat if I am at a backyard cookout. Either way, I love a matching pillow!


I almost feel like it would be a crime not to pack freshly sliced watermelon in this adorable watermelon cooler? It’s too perfect! This tent is a fantastic way to provide shade for the little ones at the beach and if you click on the fold-out blanket, you will see it actually folds back into itself! WOA!


Ordered both of these fun games for the kids at our next driveway social get together!


I have no idea where I am going to put this neon flamingo light yet, but it was only $12. The cactus is a perfect Cinco De Mayo decoration!


I am such a big FAN of staying cool at the pool (or beach ) during the hot months. These fans do not disappoint and I am packing a couple for our upcoming vacay!

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