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Unless you make it in a BEABA BABYCOOK!

Say “goodbye” to store bought soups and “hello” to healthy, fresh soups! I am beyond excited to share my new FAVORITE kitchen gadget with the world!

The Babycook by BEABAUSA is perfect for blending steaming, chopping, defrosting AND reheating homemade baby food! Hampton is only 9 weeks young which disqualifies him  from enjoying freshly blended vegetables and fruits. However, I was delighted to learn that the Babycook IS NOT JUST FOR BABIES! This kitchen appliance is perfect homemade soups, cookies, smoothies, and more!

There is no better way to celebrate the joys of soup season than by pureeing homemade tomato soup! Fresh ingredients help ensure each meal is packed with vitamins and is preservative free. The Babycook features only one button that can both STEAM and BLEND fresh ingredients! It is so convenient to use and clean up is a breeze! Upon finishing my tomato soup, I glanced over at the kitchen sink and what I saw was nothing short of magnificent. The sink was almost completely empty. Normally I am greeted with a sink full of sticky pots and pans staring back at me, waiting to be washed. Not tonight! I simply tossed the Babycook container in the dishwasher and never looked back. This allows more time for what really matters in the evening, baby cuddles!

I am excited to begin setting a healthy example in our household and later introduce Hampton to freshly blended ingredients by using our new BabyCook! This is the perfect holiday gift for expecting moms and new moms! Find the perfect BabyCook for you here…BabyCook It Up!


(Jazz it up by chopping the basil prior, adding a dash of oregano and topping with croutons!)

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